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Mike’s Furniture & Bedding was established in 1999 in beautiful Fairfield County, CT. We are a family owned business and have been that way since our inception. We XmasFamilyPicture2014come from humble beginnings, starting off with only 100 sq. ft of warehouse space and a pickup truck.  Since then we have experienced a tremendous amount of growth.  We are not in a retail space; in fact, you would probably miss us if you were just driving by.  We keep it simple with 7500 sq. ft. of combined showroom & warehouse space, 2 sales people and 2 delivery guys. What is it that makes our Marketing Plan so unique?

It is what we call “The Factory Direct Way to Shop!”  We have created a network distribution channel by bringing consumers together in volume.  We have a substantial amount of space at our warehouse facilities, which means our customers are privileged to a wide selection of things like furniture, bedding, hot tubs, pool tables, kitchen cabinets, vanities, granite countertops and more. We specialize in closeouts, overstocks and liquidations. Buying by the truckload and always keeping our warehouse full means HUGE savings for you, the customer, upwards of 70% less than the competitors. We don’t work out of a high rent expensive storefront and we don’t have 10 salespeople on the floor.  We stay away from expensive TV and Radio advertising unlike the retail stores, which drives their prices through the roof.  But most importantly, over 40% of our business is by word of mouth, and we thank you for that.  We hope this instills your confidence in us knowing that we are often imitated but seldom duplicated.


The following example will further explain how our marketing program is unique.


Mike's Furniture & BeddingTake a moment now to imagine Mike’s Furniture & Bedding as one of those companies who helped bail out a manufacturer who needed to liquidate an abundance of inventory. Once these types of relationships are established, they provide tremendous value to the manufacturers, thus creating a win/win relationship that has long term appeal.  We have managed to do just that and have positioned ourselves to purchase in this fashion on both a permanent and regular basis with a number of manufacturers. Why can’t every company do this? As with most things in life, it is about timing and a window of opportunity.  We feel very fortunate that as we have grown we have been able to cultivate these relationships with the manufacturers and are now able to offer you the tremendous savings.  We even took it a step further by hand picking a few exclusive relationships with manufacturers that meet our rigid quality standards.  By doing this it keeps us from spending too much of our time dealing with disgruntled customers, workmanship issues or warranty complaints. We like to spend the majority of our time working on marketing and delivering product to satisfied clients. Anyone can sell a cheaper inferior product at a discounted price; it takes more creativity and resources to do it the Mike’s Furniture & Bedding way.


At Mike’s Furniture & Bedding you will not pay the retail price of $1,000 for a mattress set – you will only pay $499 for the same  13″ thick Sealy pillow top queen set.  You won’t pay $8,000 for a hot tub either; our equivalent 6 person, loaded with jets and a cover is only $3999. We have customers that come in all the time with kitchen cabinet quotes of $4,000-$15,000, with us that same quote is only $2000-$7500.  Our bedroom sets are all dovetail construction and come with sleigh bed, dresser/mirror, chest and a nightstand for only $799 in a queen set and $899 for a king set.  Leather living room sets from $750 for both the sofa and loveseat.


All of our products come with a full warranty; you’ll never feel like you’re stuck, we will work with you until we get it right. We don’t want to just sell you a mattress, we want you to come back and purchase your hot tub, kitchen cabinets or a living room from us when the time is right.  By then, we hope to earn business from your friends and family.  Remember that 40% of our business comes from referrals and that’s how you can help keep the great savings around for years to come.  If we don’t have what you’re looking for on the showroom floor we have catalogs with every kind of furniture; bunk beds, kid’s bedrooms, bar stools, office furniture, dining rooms and dinettes just to name a few. These wholesalers deliver to us within 5-7 business days so we can turn our great savings into great service too.

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     Our inventory moves quickly and changes often and since there are over 5,000 different items on this website at up to 70% off the MSRP we can’t possibly display everything listed here in our physical location.  In order to actually display all products listed on this website it would take over a million square feet of space and as a result our pricing would be significantly more. However, you will find the most popular items from each vendor on display so you can see the quality of the product   you are interested in.

This process ensures a wide variety of selection at the same time lowering respective expenses and keeping your price as low as we can get it. You are more than welcome to stop by our local showroom to view the most popular items available, most products can be delivered to your home within 5 to 10 business days. If you can find the merchandise displayed on this website for sale at a lower price (shipping costs included) at any other store, or on a legitimate website that has a physical location, we will match or beat the price.


We’ve been told a thousand times “we didn’t know what to expect when we came here but we have to admit we’re pleasantly surprised by the quality and price of your products!” People often tell us that we are the best kept secret around and I respond by saying “we’re not trying to be”.  The fact that we personally deliver 90% of what leaves our warehouse makes it an easy decision to drive an hour or 2 or 3 to save thousands of dollars knowing you don’t have to rent a U haul or borrow someone’s truck.  We definitely are not the largest retailer and may never be; but we pride ourselves on the best prices, value and selection anywhere in our local area. We also have a loose, fun atmosphere in our showroom including our mascots: Callie & Winnie (our friendly four legged friends).


Well that’s our story in a nutshell, we started in a 100 sq. ft. warehouse, my office was the front seat of my truck and today we all have our own desks in our 4,000 sq. ft showroom, and separate 3,500 sq. ft. inventory warehouse. We have personally delivered as far south as Philadelphia and as far north as the Canadian border. We don’t let little things like distance and logistics stand in our way of making someone happy. With over 7,500 happy customers to date, we hope you decide to visit Mike’s Furniture & Bedding soon so we can add you to our list of satisfied customers!

Our designs and products are continually changing so feel free to return as much as you would like and remember to refer as many people as possible! Thanks in advance for your help and support in continuing to make Mike’s Furniture & Bedding the best kept secret in Fairfield County, CT!

Thanks for your time. Please do not hesitate to call us at 203-612-5599 or email us at info@mikesfurnitureandbedding.com with any questions about our items.

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Thank you for your business!


Michael Piazzaroli -Owner